Mama Dat Is Mas
This was a collaborative experimental art project supported by Butetown History & Arts Centre and funded by the Arts Council of Wales. This project was based on a concept of masking and re-presentation discussed by writers such as Gerald Aching and Clinton Hutton, tackling and exploring ways of re-interpreting and re-presenting ritual aspects of carnival mas'(querade) within Wales.

Mama Mas’ – Conversations for Transformation
Funded by the Arts Council of Wales and supported by Butetown History & Arts Centre, the Mama-Mas’ project was a large-scale public photographic installation exhibition that used elements of masquerade to re-present conversations around experiences of motherhood.

Play Yuhself – The Experiment
Play Yuhself was a performance art project funded by the Arts Council of Wales and supported by Coed Hills Rural Art Space. This project utilized aspects of dance, carnival and masquerade found in both the Trinidad Carnival and the Kanaval of Jacmel Haiti. This project created a performance space (gayelle) within which masked performers could begin to explore a move from self-conscious to subconscious movements, facilitated by music and masking.

Route to Roots
This was an art residency supported by Ffotogallery and the Arts Council of Wales. The project engaged my research on Carnival as a performance of re-presentation and considered ways in which stories of historical, philosophical, spiritual significance from the African diasporic experience can be shared and then re-presented through costume, music and dance in a public space.

Adeola’s Academia Site
Papers, talks and publications related to research interests carnival, masquerade, ritual and cultural identity