adeola dewis

I am an artist and researcher currently based in Wales. Originally from Trinidad, I am privileged to have been born on the island that created and exported, one of the world’s largest integrated arts festivals. Having been immersed in this festival, I understand it at a visceral level. Carnival has deeply influenced and provided inspiration for my visual language within my arts practice and has been the stimulus for my investigation of this festival at a scholarly level.

I graduated from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine in 2000 with First Class Honours in Visual Arts. After migrating to Wales in 2003, I pursued preliminary dance training before going on to do a Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff. I then attended Cardiff University on a Re-constructing Multiculturalism Award and completed my PhD there..

My PhD focus was on Carnival performance strategies for positively enhancing the lives of those experiencing social anxiety or forms of displacement. Following my PhD, I applied for and successfully received several Arts Council of Wales funding to test my research ideas. Outputs usually include public exhibitions, performances and blogs.

Beyond a festival of masking are the visual crafts of ancestry, deeply rooted in rituals, some re-imagined and some re-membered from the bits and pieces carried by African people now living in the diaspora.